Ice Storm

The harsh wind blows from the north

Ice and snow pelting the windows and

making me shiver despite the warmth

of my cozy and secure house.

The wind begins beating and battering the trees,

and I hear the occasional crack and crash

of limbs and branches colliding with ground.

I hold my breath wary that the next limb

will land upon my roof or come through a window.

With nervous energy as my companion,

I pace the floor and become more anxious

when my only friend, the electricity goes out.

I’m left alone in the darkness with the storm.

Eventually, I fall into an exhausted sleep, waking

with each powerful gust of wind against my home.

Finally, the morning reveals the damage

to the trees and fence, and I survey my home

and see it perfect in every way.

Only with this beautiful sight do I feel somewhat calmed.


This is linked to One Single Impression.  The theme this week is calmed.