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To My Sister

Such an uneventful family gathering,

Christmas day with all of our loved ones:

food, fun, and family, just the way we like.

How could I tell you that when

I looked at your face I could see death?

I’m not sure why I saw this–

if it was the color of your skin

or something more subtle than is visible.

But there it was, to me a neon sign saying

“Death is near.”

What could I say to make you understand?

What could I say to make you see the doctor?

No diagnosis could I give, only a doomsday prediction,

so I wished you well and said nothing.

As you lie in the hospital, I hope you

manage to evade Death that I saw on your face.

Often, my poems are completely fiction, but this one is actually based on reality, including looking at her and seeing death imminent.  Today, my sister underwent an angioplasty for a bleeding brain aneurism. 

This is being linked to One Shot Wednesday.

18 thoughts on “To My Sister

  1. May all be well for your sister.

    It’s very odd when things like this happen. Makes you wonder how thin the barriers are between our bodies & minds…especially with people to whom we are close.

  2. Oh gosh.. sometimes, we just DO NOT LIKE what we see (no explanations needed).. This was a very moving poem!
    I hope your sister recovers soon, Teresa… May this year bring happiness and peace to you and her…
    Lots of love and hugs to you, my friend..
    All the very best!

  3. Oh my goodness, she has my prayers and you too…so very sad she is so young…we must love everyday….blessings…bkm

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