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I sit at my computer set to type a poem,

my fingers poised with the tips on asdfjkl;

No matter how much I will them,

they cannot create a poem for me.

I reach deep into my mind, yet it

is as blank as a brand new canvas.

I sit and stare, and I ponder what I want to say.

Yet there is nothing ready to flow for me,

no way to coax poetry onto my screen.

Have my poetic reserves run dry?

Or do I need to search deep within my heart

and listen for it’s gentle murmur of a poem?

Do I need to search for a new muse?

Is it a sign to give up this poetic venture?


16 thoughts on “Willing

  1. I always love when something is created out of what is considered to be nothing…

    There are periods when our muse must rest…and they never seem to coincide when the times when we must rest. 🙂

  2. LOL, that’s cheating! Writing a poem about not being able to write a poem! Nicely done.
    Thanks for visiting my poem .

  3. nonononono teresa- don’t stop writing.. ever! poetry writing by exertion is different from poetry that follows the natural flow of our inspiration.. write only when it comes. sitting there staring at a blank paper is bad for your health haha! love you my friend..

  4. Oh dear Teresa…you are in that space we all happen upon. Maybe if you go out and talk to your beautiful goats they will breathe your muse alive. (Maybe it’s too cold for that, though?) But what started out sounding desperate ended up with the gentle whisper of a poem. (Maybe it’s too cold for that, though?)

  5. The obstacle blocks out the view, but when you climb it that makes the outlook an inspiring reward.

    When I’m lost for words, I think of something I like – nighttime, flowers, hope – or of things I hate – breaking up, unhappiness, eyeball soup – then pour out a whole bunch of adjectives and string it into a poem, like one might make beads out of a necklace. Metaphor is my best buddy. Next to imagination, of course.

    So I dunno if that only works for me, but it’s an idea. But I wouldn’t call this “writer’s block” – you’re being productive, writing about something that ALL writers can relate to. Thanks for this gem!

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