No More Super Heroes

Batman has fled Gotham Town;

Superman is nowhere to be found.

What will we do when there are no more superheroes?

How can we fix the world if we can’t leap over a tall building?

Spiderman’s web is tangled and unwoven;

Wonder Woman in her skimpy outfit is completely frozen.

What will we do when there are no more superheroes?

If we can’t pick up the magic phone and call for help, what will we do?

Perhaps we’ll have to look deep within and realize it doesn’t

take a superhero to stand up to a bully or a bigot.

Each of us has the power within to be a super hero to those around us.


Linking this to Jingle’s Poetry Potluck.


Friday’s Flash 55: Dragon Races

Fantastic dragons race through my mind

Amazing and bizarre competing for my attention

But none can capture and sustain it

Fleeting floating figures that free themselves

To race out of my mind and into the universe

Coming and going and flitting about

Getting entwined together into a great tangle

Of dragons racing through my mind

This is my contribution to G-Man’s Friday Flash 55 for this week.

P.S. Please ignore the dust on the dragon.  I don’t like dusting.