Footprints leaving the concrete path

are clearly outlined in the snow leading to

a lone figure sitting in isolation

surrounded by cloistered souls of those departed.

Between concrete monuments reaching skyward,

he is approaching the rich black earthen mound

rising in stark contrast to the pure white layer of

yesterday’s snow on the ground all around.

Falling to his knees and begging the heavens

for her return; grief is pouring from

from his eyes to the ground,

a teen son’s love for his mother lost.

Only yesterday here was a gaping hole in the

ground where her coffin topped with a lavish splay

of flowers freezing in the frigid temperatures

was perched above it.

Wondering if you are finally

at peace from the painful world and if your

earthen blanket protects

and comforts you, he feels so deserving

of your peace and company. With a deft

cut, he eases the pain and purges his grief.

Red drops of fresh blood dripping from the

tips of his fingers are dramatic contrast

in the shoe prints leading to a new cold

corpse at the edge of the concrete path.