Remarkable Women

I seem to be reflective lately.  I remember my ancestors and think about the hardships and trials they endured.  The family skeletons come out from the closet when you start talking to the older generations–alcohol, abuse, lost children, young widows.  I celebrate my genealogy, both the good and the bad.  Usually the bad reveals what remarkable women I have in my background.

I am grateful for the generosity of others that have given me these family pictures.

Mary Alice Walker Smith and daughters Ella (seated), Bernice and Leah


Edith Cowan Overman

Ethel Smith Nady

Mary Jane Thomas Walker

Bishop Family–Front:  Cora, William, Abigail (Brock), Earl

Back: Minnie, Audrey


I realize this is pretty personal, but if you like remarkable women my previous post also honors remarkable women.  Be sure t0 visit Ms. Matlock for more Alphabe-Thursday R posts.