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Soaking up the rays

Feelings of warmth

and the passion of

a sun-kissed cheek.

Blessings from a star.

I am truly enjoying the longer days and actually feeling warmth from the sun.   The deer seem to be enjoying the uncovered grass in my orchard (only the grass.  Really I trust they are not eating the fruit trees).

This is being linked to One Shot Wednesday and Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday.  S is for Sunshine.

29 thoughts on “Sunshine!

  1. I am enchanted by your line, “Blessings from a star”. That gave me a little shiver.

    Thanks for sharing your own little “Here comes the sun!”

    This was a super link to Alphabe-Thursday’s letter “S”.


  2. Ooohh…warmer days … blessing indeed!
    As for the deer, I think he too trusts you to trust him enough 🙂

    Such a sweet poem, Teresa… much enjoyed seeing your enthusiasm about the fading winter 🙂

  3. Oh Yes, glorious sunshine! We are enjoying an abundance of it here in Texas with sunny days in the 70’s and 80’s! Nice photos and poem.

  4. I’m with you, Razz… I can’t wait for Spring now!

    Loved that kiss on the cheek line. 🙂

    Those deer will eat grass as long as there’s grass, but don’t believe they won’t chomp on those fruit trees – especially when they start to bud.

  5. Gorgeous sunset shot, Teresa, and beautiful poem. It’s lovely to have the days lengthening. We had some sunshine yesterday and it was a true blessing. Back to overcast today so it makes me miss it even more!

  6. “Blessings from a star…” HA! I NEVER thought of it that way. Truly! I love when a poet makes me see things in a new way. NICELY DONE! Thx for writing and posting this 🙂

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