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This is for Jingle’s Poetry Potluck where the theme is Our Home, Temple and Sanctum.

I am at home in the barnyard
or out on the hills in pasture
hugging and snuzzling with the goats
a breath of fresh air
with a blue sky overhead
and green grass below
where I am free to be me and
loved exactly the way I am
home is where my garden grows
and my cat sleeps in the sun
free from the artificial restraints of society
living naturally with the rhythm of nature
following the cyclical pattern of nature
~~life, death and rebirth~~
rules followed by the plants and animals
are the only rules in my home

that and put the toilet seat down

5 thoughts on “Home

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  2. hahaha- put the toilet seat down?
    I guess that’s pretty witty!

    So happens at my home too- with pigeons.. they come n “go” n go.. beautiful words 🙂

    Hugs xx

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