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Under Pressure

pop open the bottle
reaching for another one
endless binging
hoping to continue
dulling the senses
emotions hidden away
avoiding it all
nothing seems to help
can’t stand the pressure
looking for an easy out
drinking to forget




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12 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. Never been an alcoholic – being raised in a family with drug addicts/criminals on one side, and religious extremists (what I called “legalized criminality”) on the other will cure a strong-minded person of those leanings – but I’ve had days where this poem nailed it: “sigh, just want to erase the day. . .”

    Go figure that the song I’m listening to as I read/comment on this poem is Accept’s “Too High To Get It Right”, LOL. (FYI: Accept is an Eighties metal band, who continue to put out – for metalheads like me – worthwhile CDs.)

    Anyhoot-hoot, excellent poem; you ably conveyed the sorrow and, in a restrained way, the wreckage of a life.

  2. Ack!! Well said, my friend!! When nothing seems to be going right, this is what we seek!! grrr..
    But somehow, these easy ways out never seem to help!! And yet, they seem so attractive.. and they come in great bottles too (smiles)..

  3. the bottle will get you everytime…but unfortunately many think it will save them from their own emotion…bkm

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