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I don’t do drugs.  But I must say, I think I’m tripping.

I am having some lung issues.  The air I breathe at work is rotten, and not just because of the naughty kids.  Our brand new junior high is the remodeled old high school.  When we were at a big staff meeting, it came out that the high school teachers were all rejoicing because they would be leaving the building with those air issues.  They told us any circulation problems would be taken care of before we moved in.

Well, all fall I’d go to work feeling fine and feel my head filling with snot and pressure and end up with a headache.  As I drove home to my 111 year old leaky farmhouse on a gravel road with the dog and cats and houseplants after haying the livestock, I would feel my head clear.  I could breathe better in my den of allergens.

Finally, I got sick mid-January, and now I can’t get better.  I keep getting the fever and my lungs now feel like they are in shrink wrap.  I just finished antibiotics, and I had to go back to the doctor today.  I got more antibiotics, prednisone and albuterol for the nebulizer.  (You non-allergy people that’s a little saline with medicine that has an air compressor to help you inhale the medicine.)

See funny thing about me and prednisone and albuterol.  For some reason, it gives me this weird reaction where I don’t sleep.  Really, I’ll sleep about two or three hours a night.  Don’t worry though, because I’m not tired.  I try to sleep, but my mind will not stop.  I have so many thoughts going through my brain and I’m thinking that very soon, I might have some brilliant thought.  Or, I might say some weird thing that makes no sense because I am really on a trip here.  So this is my apology for anything bizarre that I might post while I’m on these meds.

This is my letter T contribution to Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday.  Sorry, Jenny…this is the best I can do today.

17 thoughts on “Tripping

  1. Oh girl, you poor thing.

    Seriously. This sounds awful.

    Predisone makes me come out of my skin so I totally sympathize with your here.

    Are you feeling better now?

    I hope so.

    Thanks for a sad little link on our journey through Alphabe-Thursday’s letter “T”.

    I’m going to wash my hand with hot water now!

    Hugs and healing and…

    A+, too.

  2. If it becomes bothersome maybe you could try Xopenex instead of albuterol. I think they just came out with a cheaper generic version (levalbuterol) so it’s not as expensive as it used to be. For some, the side effects are quite a bit less than with albuterol. You take care of you and get better soon!

  3. That just doesn’t seem right! Any teacher who is willing, wants to and enjoys teaching Jr. High should be teaching in some palace. You all are underpaid and under appreciated. Not right, I tell you!

  4. Teresa, I’m so sorry that you’re getting sick from the air quality at work. That’s horrible!

    I hope the medications help and if they give you a few brilliant and amazing insights that will be a bonus. 🙂 I hope you rest better soon…

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