Under the Full Moon

From the pond she hears the frog’s croak

Stepping outside beneath the full moon

Skyclad underneath her cloak

The rites will begin soon


The round shining orb reflects romance

Dropping her cloak to the ground

With reckless abandon she begins her dance

As the energy begins to flow around


Moonlight glares on her white bum

She prepares to cast her magic spell

As her hand reaches for the small drum

Dancing and drumming and singing as well


Energy rising and her dancing a frenzied sight

The words she begins to chant

She sends her spell into the night

Praying the goddess her will to grant


The love spell will draw a good man

That is all that she has asked for

With this love spell perhaps she can

Find romance and happiness forevermore

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Wearing o’ the Green

Leprechauns have nothing on these glamour girls.

They wear their green hat proudly and proclaim for all the world, “Happy St. Paddy’s Day!”

At the end of our rainbow, you’ll  not find a pot of gold, but there’s kids bouncing and running around galore!

Their cute little noses to kiss are worth so much more.

This is linked to Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday.  W is for Wearing o’ the Green.

This is my Friday Flash 55 for G-man.

They’re here!

They’re here!  They’re here!  We’ve started kidding for 2011.  In one day, we had both twins and triplets.  There are eight more girls to have babies by March 18th, my birthday!   If you don’t hear from me much in the next week, it’s because I’m checking the back sides of goats and playing with kids!

Baby Girl

Kizzy and twin daughters

Baby Boy

Baby Boy

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