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Looking at Leo’s dull cat eyes, I wonder what it would be like.  No thought besides my next meal and a warm place to sleep; hoping someone will pet me and make me feel good.  No thoughts of global strife or  higher purpose.  When I see that look in my student’s eyes, I’m glad I’m me.

My pensive 55 for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.

17 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. Effective trick work, posting that picture with the cat. Relatable work, I often wish I were that age again, so be more aware of things, kinder, blah blah blah. . . LOL, great work.

  2. A provocative 55. That blank look on humans, i suppose, is a coping mechanism that’s easily replaced by other looks. It doesn’t make others want to hug them. On cats, it makes that human had reach out. Here’s hoping humans don’t always prefer to hug cats over other humans…

  3. Just let a bird land within two feet of him and that look will change in a heart beat–much like when a teenager’s texting device goes off, or whatever they do ;_)—I do know what you mean though. I’ve often wondered if not knowing about mortality, the future, one’s own lack of power over it all, is to be envied in animals or not. Like you, I mostly prefer the knowing. A thought provoking 55, Teresa.

  4. Leo looks sad…

    I always think what a crapshoot life really is…one animal gets a good life…the next not so much…just like humans, I guess.

    • I get that look all the time!
      Great Pic Teresa…
      I just love the lack of Human interferance here.
      Excellent 55 My Friend.
      Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. ugh…not a fan of that look…love to see them engaged…now if life was such we could be just like the cat i dont know that it would be too bad…

  6. The vacant, flat stare of the one-dimensional existence… yeah, I don’t envy that in humans or cats. However, the ability to fit on a windowsill- stretched out to full length- languidly soaking up the sun… THAT I most definitely envy.

  7. The look of many lost pupils—staring into oblivion waiting for lunch and recess. Nicely done. Cool pic too. Dig the blurry foreground before the clear cat.

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