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A Gentleman’s Agreement

A guy I work with wanted Bonnie and Blaze.  He had 14 2-year-old chickens and milk replacer he wanted to trade.  We agreed on $2.50 per chicken.  I really didn’t want 14 chickens.  Only about 5, but I figure if it helps the girls go to a home as pets, I could take all fourteen.  After a couple of weeks of pressuring me, we finally agreed on a price for the goats when they were just days old.  $40 a piece.  That’s lower than what I would ask, but again they were getting a forever farm instead of ending up on the dinner table.  It meant he’d get the two goats (I was keeping them until about June 10 when they got back from vacation) and I’d get the 14 chickens and $45.

He said he’d bring the chickens right after spring break, about March 21.  Well, they didn’t show up and didn’t show up.  Finally he shared with me how they were really laying a lot of eggs, but they still didn’t show up.  This morning he called and left a message.  By the time I got it, there was a second message saying he’d gone to the sale barn this morning and 14 – 35 pound goats were only bringing $35, and chickens like theirs were going for $5 each, so his wife just thinks we should do a straight trade.  I called and left a message saying the original deal or no.

He called right back before he’d heard the message and I simply repeated my answer.  Then it was his wife that had called the sale barn and how much do the goats weigh and, and, and.  I simply said no.  When I was doing chores, he called back, and I just let it go to voicemail.  I listened to the message.  They changed their mind and they’d go ahead and bring the chickens if I was going to be home.  Well, being a bit irritated, I figured it was best to ignore the situation until I could speak civilly.

Eleven “missed” calls later, he and his wife and two little boys pull into my driveway.  He’s all chipper and hope it’s okay.  I said no, and then, with the two kids standing there, tells me how the boys were upset when they found out they weren’t getting them, and he asked if I was angry.  I mentioned I was annoyed and no.  Am I wrong in thinking that he was simply trying to take advantage of me?  I’m a behavior disorders teacher for crying out loud.

Sorry, but I needed to vent.

6 thoughts on “A Gentleman’s Agreement

  1. I hate getting jerked around… so, I would have said no too. Besides, I would want a lot more than those chickens for two beautiful goats.

    • Interesting at work–I need to yell at him for being an idiot, but I think he’ll assume it’s because I’m mad rather than him being an idiot.

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