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Childhood Snapshots

Child dreams vandalized forever

played like piecemeal history nightly.

Valuable time is moments taken;

Rats provide inspired advice.

Stories are assembled recollections.

Colorful complex family characters

as bare bones enhance serendipity.

Important eyes find your final end,

knowledge may find your childhood tapestry.

This is the cut-out poem I made while my English class was working on theirs.  I’m linking it to One Shot Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Childhood Snapshots

  1. “as bare bones enhance serendipity” – what a line, Teresa! It must be a totally different experience searching for the words to match what you want to say. Very cool!

    • You cut out a whole bunch of words and then see what poem you can make with the words you got. This is the first one I’ve done.

  2. nice…i have never tried a cut out poem…have you seen the guy that does the NY Times poems…with a sharpie and an article…crazy…

  3. This is very well written
    A dark twist on childhood fantasies
    sadly many children face this rat infested world

    thanks for the One Shot

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