Summer Solstice

That wonderful time of year has arrived

for sunshine, flowers, and families gathering.

The days are long for outdoors play.

Friends visit and laugh under the sun.

The nights are warm for outdoor fun.

Fairies flit about as lovers dance beneath the moon.

Summer is here for us to rejoice

in Mother Earth’s magical garden.

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For Helen

The morning silence was broken

by the mournful sound

of a mother’s heartbroken sobs

as the tears fell to the black earth mounded in front of her.

Her only child placed in the ground

to return to his Mother Earth

~the shattered dreams; the broken heart.

No courage to pick herself up and move forward.

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A Rootin’ Tootin’ 55

Walking to the front of the class I began to regret the eclectic diner from the night before.  It seemed like a good idea to go to the barbecue, but now the baked beans and cole slaw were making their presence felt in an uncomfortable manner.  With each step a farting noise could be heard.

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