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For Helen

The morning silence was broken

by the mournful sound

of a mother’s heartbroken sobs

as the tears fell to the black earth mounded in front of her.

Her only child placed in the ground

to return to his Mother Earth

~the shattered dreams; the broken heart.

No courage to pick herself up and move forward.

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19 thoughts on “For Helen

  1. I had a 55 recently that dealt with exactly the same thing. The scene you so poignantly painted has occurred in our community far too often as of late. A very, very sad and heart rendering 55.

    Daytime Mask

  2. Hit me in the gut. This is a constant worry for any parent, I believe. And sadder to know real people/friends who’ve had to endure this. Makes me want to hug my child and never let go.

  3. So sad, no matter who the mama is. We humans aren’t the only ones that feel grief (we’re just unique in that we pay millions of dollars to specialists to try to get over it).

    My heart goes out to her.

    • Really they do. Her baby died during the night, and when I went out in the morning, she was still with him, talking and licking him. When I buried him, she was there and kept calling to him. It about broke my heart along with hers.

  4. It takes a long time to get up from that. I remember how hard my grandmother took it when her adult son died before she did–she would just keep saying, “It isn’t right. It shouldn’t be this way.” meaning she should have passed first. A rough place, one of the roughest.

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