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If I Were a Little Girl

If I were a little girl

I’d make this my secret hideaway

Under the canopy of the ancient maple tree

with its arms lovingly wrapped around me.

We’d have an exclusive club and

we’d only let in the deer and the owl.

My neighbor, the mulberry tree, would

let me feast on her sweet fruit,

staining my fingers dark purple.

If I were a little girl,

I’d stay back in this wild wood

supported by the sturdy trunk of the

giant maple tree.

We’d have a secret word to enter our world

and only tell the fox and the woodpeckers.

I’d reach past the thorns of the raspberry

bush and steal his ripe fruit for a treat.

If I were a little girl

I’d stay in the cooling shade of

the beautiful maple tree

and cry my little girl tears over the

pains of the world, letting the creek

carry away my fears.

The squirrel and frog would keep

my secrets and chatter and sing

a song to cheer me up.

Since I am not a little girl,

I’ll pause beneath the majestic

maple tree and hide away for

only a short time, wishing I

could stay in my secret hideaway,

safe from the worries of the world.


I had planned on a picture of me beneath the giant maple tree I discovered when I was picking wild raspberries.  You were finally going to get to see me without my goat’s beard and horns!  Unfortunately, storms came and I haven’t been able to get back there, so here’s my tribute to a giant cottonwood tree that went down in the storm.  Just pretend it’s a maple tree for the poem’s sake.

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6 thoughts on “If I Were a Little Girl

  1. Ok I pretended and I loved it… would have loved to see you with goats beard and all.. its really a touching story… I have many friends from the natural world that still call me all the time… from my village in the country side of India .. where I come from ….
    Thanks for sharing and reminding me of my love for nature…with your verse…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  2. This is the best poem I have read today! I LOVE poems about childhood – good childhood memories especially. So much is contained within this post, the trees, the fruit, the animals. I read a book written at the turn of the last Century recently and one thing that really stuck out to me was how much children back then adored animals. Nowadays of course people are afraid to let their children roam the countryside to observe animals in their natural state, but they truly miss out on so much. A great poem, I hope you are able to have it published!

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