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The Drag Race

The Drag Race

The boy in his car.

Tires spinning; burning rubber

Pulling up to the starting line

Revving the engine, purring like a lion

Red, yellow, green

with a squeal and a start the car pounces forward

it’s all about the reaction of the driver

and the acceleration of the finely tuned engine

fourteen seconds; one-fourth of a mile

the engine blows!

My son was racing his Monte Carlo and blew the engine last weekend.  I seem to be having a hard time with fiction lately, but it’s a story in 55 words!  If you have a 55, go tell G-Man.

7 thoughts on “The Drag Race

  1. bummer blowing an engine is a pain / back to the drawing board and another engine

    thanks for the 55

    hug a goat 4 me

  2. Teresa…
    Thank you for the great medicinal advice about kissing the Goat. I feel better already!
    (But the goat died…:P)
    Sorry about the Boy’s Monte Carlo, it must have had the small V-8.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

    • He had a totally rebuilt engine in it. I don’t know anything about engines, but there was nothing standard left there. So sorry to hear your illness was fatal to the goat!

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