A Sign of the Times

Tyrants in power, dictating

the way things will be.

Good samaritans are sued,

for offering freely their help.

Earthquakes and hurricanes

scream that the end is near.

Has the apocalypse arrived~

the beginning of the end at hand.

I’ll continue to try and help.

When the end arrives, the dictator

shall tumble and I’ll rise.


This is my offering for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.  If you’ve written a story in exactly 55 words, visit Mr. KnowItAll and tell him.

Seasons Change

The seasons change

but the pain remains.

A loss hurts more

deeply than can

be carried away like

a fallen leaf from the tree.

My tears falling as raindrops

are frozen in time,

keeping me from moving forward.

Can the spring thaw

warm my heart and

allow love again to enter in,

flourishing like summer?

It’s a Friday Flash 55 for G-Man.  If you have written a story in exactly 55 words be sure to tell Mr. Knowitall.