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Cinnamon’s Wings

Cinnamon knew as soon as she strapped her wings on,
She would be able to float and fly and flutter
just like butterflies do.
She did leap and bounce, but no flying.
“I need to start higher up!”
To the top of the barn to launch her flight.
Gravity still rules; now Cinnamon is toast.


It’s a Friday Flash 55!  If you’ve written your own story in exactly 55 words, be sure to visit G-Man and tell him.

15 thoughts on “Cinnamon’s Wings

  1. So silly and sad and sweet. I laughed so much when I scrolled down and saw the image! I had a goat when I was in high school. She was white like this one, and I named her Capricorn. Goats are some of the finest animals on the planet, if you ask me!

  2. I’ve heard the expression “When pigs fly” but never heard it applied to goats. Personally, I’m glad most barnyard animals can’t fly… who wants cows overhead? (Shit, not me!)

  3. Yeah…She’s toast all right
    I can see the trail of Raisins behind her
    Loved your 55 Teresa
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. I am laffin like crazy here. I loved this when I saw it on FB–the most adorable of goat ballerinas, or butterflies, or whatever she is. And I suppose she *rolled* off the roof…;_)

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