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The Blood Moon

Bathed in light from

the beautiful blood moon,

a rabbit quivers in fear.

Fog shrouds the fields.

 A lone corn stalk remains

peering above the close blanket,

a sentinel keeping watch.

Distant frantic yipping

of coyotes in pursuit of prey

reaches nervous ears.

The moon settling in the west,

darkness chased away by the rising sun,

and night stalkers hide

until the lady moon reappears.


Linking to d’Verse Poets open mic night.

14 thoughts on “The Blood Moon

  1. Blood Red Moon! oo!
    I like the implicit ‘fear’ embedded within the poem…the fog…explicit w/the rabbit’s quivering.
    the background…the coyotes…and the lone sentinel corn stalk, watching….protecting.
    and it’s all a cycle.
    very good poem….transports me there.
    thank you.

  2. you capture a very magical time between night and day when anything can happen…the textures you use set the scene well and def felt like i was waiting for the shoe to drop…

  3. I think there are periods of the day and night where time holds its breath, tense, waiting for the next “something” to happen. You captured one of them here splendidly.

  4. There’s a whole world out there outside the walls and windows, with its own agenda. Your scene is very alive with that feeling.

  5. Awesome image of night life…… talons of night stalkers need their blood, but the sun chases them away, returning life to their prey….. I felt that life or death tension in your words…. nice write

  6. Very nice, you captured a scene brilliantly and painted it pristine. Thanks for the read, really enjoyed it;)

  7. yes – i can picture it perfectly as well…a somehow mysterious, nervous , tense atmosphere until the sun rises, chasing the night stalkers away..great

  8. “A lone corn stalk remains

    peering above the close blanket,

    a sentinel keeping watch”

    I really love that image. I can picture it perfectly. I like the piece as a whole too. The image of the frightened rabbit and the “blood moon” and the sense of the danger that unfolds under the cover of night. Great piece!

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