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Frustration Saturation

Frustration Saturation

the daily grind on steroids,


What’s going to overload me–

a certain look, the wrong answer,

tripping on a crack?

Can’t super-saturate;

no safety valve available.

Who will suffer from the explosion–

co-worker, kid, lover–

or is it going to be

an implosion causing melting

with nothing left but a

sniveling puddle.


I’m late.  I’m late for a very important Friday Flash 55.  Too much reality to this one.  I hope G-man still comes to visit. 


4 thoughts on “Frustration Saturation

  1. Thanks so much guys. I am doing physical therapy with a sick kid, have a cat with stitches from his toe amputation, and more fence issues than you can imagine. Once these are taken care of, I’ll be peachy again.

  2. Teresa…
    Serenity now…..
    This 55 got me wound up!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Relaxing Kick Ass Week-End…G
    ((((BIG HUG)))))

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