dancing to and fro

weaving in and out

singing praises to

a glorious goddess

celebrating her great gifts

returning green life to a

brown dead winter land

snaking around the

bonfire joyful for

Persephone’s return

delicate green fronds

will soon appear

evidence of Ceres’

love for her daughter

clapping, chanting and

raising energy in

excited anticipation

spring flowers will

bloom and beg to

be plucked as a

lover’s bedtime gift

scattering precious

wheat as an offering

knowing a new crop

is soon coming

cultivated fields turn

black  enriched

by winter’s decay

moist with melted

snow to grow

a bountiful crop

a celebration of return

to spring~sunlight and warmth

knowing with certainty

all too soon dear

goddess will depart

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I Was Wrong

I tried to be considerate,

but I was wrong.

I wanted to lessen your burden,

but it didn’t help.

I tried to explain myself,

but you didn’t hear the apology.

I threw myself at your feet

begging for forgiveness,

but you walked all over me.

I cried a river for the pain I caused,

and you simply watched me drown.

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Ancestor Hunt

Weekend Photo Challenge at Real Toads this week is to use the photography of Daryl Edelstein for inspiration.

Ancestor Hunt

clutching paper and pencil

and the notes from grandma’s memory

to a library reading old county histories

of prominent citizens~the denziens of society.

to the court house, a large dark room,

to peruse records scribed in neat letters

 of brown ink from a quill pen

a trip to the cemetery in an effort

to find all that remains of an ancestor

just beware the skeletons you

dredge up that were buried long ago

Photo courtesy of Daryl Edelstein for Real Toads.

When I first started researching my family’s history, I really could go to one court house where they would lead me to the records room and leave me to browse through the records for hours.  I found so much information by doing this.  It’s a shame that you can no longer to this because of people stealing pages from the books.  I have uncovered a scandalous secret or two…