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Lies and deceptions

creeping into my day,

subtle and unnoticed at first

You tell them to me so smoothly.

Somehow they seem to grow.

In the back of my mind

a question forms–

Something seems off,

but you reassure me

with more dishonesty.

The lies take on their own life,

growing and multiplying,

becoming eight legs of deception

weaving a web that

tangles and traps and

tears apart our relationship.

It encircles and snares

you in a cocoon of dishonesty,

wrapping you away from

those you love until

your poisonous lies paralyze

and kill you, caught within

your own deceitful web.

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18 thoughts on “Lies

  1. It’s not a cop-out to say I am speechless… but I am. I have so many words but they all seem too personal to say… stuck within. This really got to me… way deep with in!

    -more than loved this!


  2. The whole conceit of a spider and “Oh, what a tangled we we weave” lies is great Teresa! And you carried it beautifully through to the finish. And those photos!

  3. The more lies you weave, the tighter that cocoon becomes…I could feel the poison seeping through the spider silk. (Loved the pic–they are beautiful weavers, the orb spiders–and they only do it to get dinner.)

  4. Well, spiders are not my most favorite thing to look at…lol…however…they certainly helped to make the point of your poem. Lies are like slow sips of poison…not only slowly killing the sould of the person being lied to…but the lier also.
    Great job!!!

    Peace and Blessings!!

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