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A Traditional Ballad

The story begins on the farm
where lovely Millie goat was born.
Her face and heart were filled with charm.
Early on she did play her horn;
Her music could cheer the most lorn.
The farmer would bring grain each day~
my how they did love their corn.
Each morning they would dance and play!

Their lives seemed to be filled with charm,
happily basking in the morn.
Then the peacock sounds the alarm!
A coyote came through the fence torn.
Fleeing through field, brambles and thorn.
Oh where, oh where would they now stay?
Millie sang please don’t be forlorn~
By evening they did dance and play!

They began to miss their sweet farm.
Back home to their yummy corn~
and the farmer they all did swarm.
The fence was fixed so it’s not torn.
Sleep in the barn, cozy and warm.
The goats will never go away.
Their faces have smiles to adorn.
All night long they do dance and play!

Running away they have forsworn.
To our Millie, “Hip, hip, hurrah!”
Day into night she plays her horn;
The animals still dance and play!

This is my best effort at a ballad, and I decided to be brave and publish it even though it is very baaad.ย  Please don’t be maaaad.ย  Visit d’Verse poets for more worthy efforts.

11 thoughts on “A Traditional Ballad

  1. Ha, ha! This is not so far from the use of Ballades in the early 20th century. While initially a formal form for courtly readings (sometimes to music), in the hands of humorists, it became a form for light verse. This is a good kind of baaad ballade (oh uhm by the way…it’s still in the balladE form not ballad – remember they are NOT at all the same thing). I think you might know your livestock, and I love the song of Millie the Goat! Well done.

  2. I read this twice through… the second time I read it to my 5 year old who then wanted to draw picture about it:) This was some great writing;)


  3. and what rhymes with play…yay….smiles…you did very well…and love the light heartedness in it…some regular old party animals eh? smiles….you did very well to form as well…i know it was a challenge…

  4. oh this is lovely…and i always suspected those farm animals have their own sort of party going on as soon as the farm falls asleep…enjoyed it… a warm-hearted and funny write

    • There is a lot of truth to this one~goats running wild, but they always come home for supper. Millie truly is a musical goat. She’s always tapping out a tune with her horns. ๐Ÿ™‚

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