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I Was Wrong

I tried to be considerate,

but I was wrong.

I wanted to lessen your burden,

but it didn’t help.

I tried to explain myself,

but you didn’t hear the apology.

I threw myself at your feet

begging for forgiveness,

but you walked all over me.

I cried a river for the pain I caused,

and you simply watched me drown.

Linking to One Single Impression where the theme is wrong.

Linking to d’Verse Poets where the task was to write a poem with undercurrents.

Linking to Open Link at Real Toads.

17 thoughts on “I Was Wrong

  1. Someone I loved dearly was wronged by her husband when they were first married. More like a few years, I guess. Later he begged for forgiveness and he spent the rest of their married life (50 years), begging and trying every way he knew how to make it up to her, but she was so hurt and bitter that she couldn’t forgive. He died eight years ago, still wanting her forgiveness and she died two years ago, still with so much bitterness and anger in her heart. It hurts to see what unforgiveness can do to a couple; a family.
    This was very well written. Be blessed!


  2. Ah, yes, good intentions taken the wrong way…then the offended party holding on to the offense at all cost…you’v summed the feeling up so well!

  3. The longing and the futility strike a strong chord. I like the back and forth structure, the effort and the result, until the tension hits the final crescendo… you simply watched me drown.

  4. A friend said to me that there are those who think about how others feel, and those who don’t. Sounds simple, but I can’t tell you how often I have remembered it since she said it. This reminds me of that.

  5. Hi Teresa ~~ Your poem incites anger against persons like the wrongdoer being addressed here. I believe there was no need to ask for an apology. Rather a slap in the face followed by good-bye was in order.

  6. Totally relate here. Wonderful job putting this feeling to paper. I’d been actually looking for the right configuration for myself for a while now, never getting that emotion quite right, but this sums it up excellently. Great job, thanks

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