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dancing to and fro

weaving in and out

singing praises to

a glorious goddess

celebrating her great gifts

returning green life to a

brown dead winter land

snaking around the

bonfire joyful for

Persephone’s return

delicate green fronds

will soon appear

evidence of Ceres’

love for her daughter

clapping, chanting and

raising energy in

excited anticipation

spring flowers will

bloom and beg to

be plucked as a

lover’s bedtime gift

scattering precious

wheat as an offering

knowing a new crop

is soon coming

cultivated fields turn

black  enriched

by winter’s decay

moist with melted

snow to grow

a bountiful crop

a celebration of return

to spring~sunlight and warmth

knowing with certainty

all too soon dear

goddess will depart

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11 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. “snaking round the bonfire” – what awesome imagery, Teresa. This poem makes me so excited at the idea of spring’s return. This poem just vibrated with life.

  2. Oh dear…as my toes turn to ice cubes I so long to see those first shoots sprouting! I am so ready for spring, and this was a wonderful journey of what I have to look forward to. Loved the images and the words.

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