Groundhog Day

It wasn’t fair that his older brother Phil got all the attention. Was it his fault he was scared of people and ran and hid whether or not he saw his shadow?  Hominidaphobia wasn’t uncommon among groundhogs.  It’s just a shame that the family business centered around people.  He’d never get out of Phil’s shadow.

It’s a Groundhog Day 55 for G-man!  I hope everyone had a Happy Imbolic or Happy Groundhog Day.  Only six more weeks until spring!

From Mars to Earth


From red planet to blue
A long journey for this Martian to see

The indigenous population
Is very much a united nation

Each individual is independent
Yet their leader they represent

Always they are in contact
For their leader only they act

The screen–big, little, giant
Staring constantly; none are defiant

Their leader’s image on the screen
Words and images constantly seen

The denzions of the Earth
Obey the great god Google!


Today’s assignment for d’Verse Poetry was to write a Martian poem.  Here’s my feeble attempt.