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From Mars to Earth


From red planet to blue
A long journey for this Martian to see

The indigenous population
Is very much a united nation

Each individual is independent
Yet their leader they represent

Always they are in contact
For their leader only they act

The screen–big, little, giant
Staring constantly; none are defiant

Their leader’s image on the screen
Words and images constantly seen

The denzions of the Earth
Obey the great god Google!


Today’s assignment for d’Verse Poetry was to write a Martian poem.  Here’s my feeble attempt.

21 thoughts on “From Mars to Earth

  1. Gods come, gods go, but our dependence outlasts our objects (of dependence)
    Don’t mind me. I keep seeing corporate logos from years gone by.

  2. True and clever. Seen from outside, what is taking over the earth (and the clouds)? — the great god google and their adorable doodles 4 google.

  3. Very clever! I remember a short story I read once, where extraterrestrials thought that the intelligent life forms on earth were automobiles, and humans were merely parasites. Indeed, Google would be perceived as omnipresent, omniscient, and… nearly… omnipotent.

  4. Ha! Well, I remember a world without google, and although I use it a lot, I’m really not very enamored with it. (The ads on gmail creep me out.) Clever poem. K.

  5. Bring me to your leader! I one thought itvwas Nike that would lead the revolution and become the face of Earth, but now it’s Google, I see. Nice start to get me thinking about our image in the cosmos.

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