The Old Oak Tree

old oak tree standing tall

branches reaching across the sky

carries the history of a full hundred

years within its massive trunk~

a sapling living among a dense wood

easy to be Earth’s lungs;

harder now as its parent tree

stands as rough hewn supporting

beams in a cattle barn constructed

of strong native wood

warmer winters; stronger storms

harder to sway and be strong

much easier to let go of its roothold

lay across the ground, to give up and die

but steadfast purpose keeps it upright

acorns grown all summer

stolen by a squirrel and stored

within a deep crevasse in its trunk

deer walking beneath seeking

by Richard Schear

shady leaves for summer coolness

shelter from predators in winter

watching year and year as new

babies are born and the old die

a bird nesting in safety in its boughs

how many generations in the past

century have called it home

a whole world depends on the old oak

reaching roots farther down

deeper and deeper into the past

standing tall with branches

growing across the vast sky

This is my contribution to d’Verse poets where the challenge was to really look at something in the natural world around us and try to capture its essence.

I am also linking this to Imaginary Garden with Real Toad’s Sunday Photo Challenge.  The photographer in the spotlight this week is Richard Schear.