Everywoman and Eros

Zephyrous message from Eros

carried on capricious arrows

carrying a poisonous potion of

desire for the unattainable~

the unrealistic media perfect

physical form for idyllic

love and relationship romanticized

beyond recognition~

pierces the unsuspecting heart of

Everywoman~a damsel unwittingly

and unknowingly in distress.

With the desire of healing heart and

soul the wound generates

an idolatry for a great elusive god~

no mere mortal man will suffice;

only those capable of Sisyphean tasks

more dangerous and difficult than

Orpheus’s trip through the underworld,

more difficult and daring than

slaying the Hydra’s  many heads

all prattling and gossiping galore

providing proof of devotion divine:

Make me feel pretty; make me feel thin.

Watch me create the goddess

I desire you to worship.

Everywoman reduced to a gold-

plated statue devoid of soul

painted over fatal flaws with

thick layers of chemical colors,

chiseling features with scalpels

reshaping the goddess without

imprisoning Everywoman within.

true passionate beauty encrusted inside

the self-imposed, self-loathing prison;

chains holding the heart unbreakable

by strength alone~the true task to

reach through the layers with love

exposing the injured heart,

healing the piercing wound

left by Eros and his capriciously

cruel marksmanship.

Pygmalion and Galatea by Louis Jean Francois Lagrenee

This is my offering for today’s open link at d’Verse Poets.

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