A Real Challenge from Real Toads

I have to say, I think some of the most difficult challenges for writing are those that give a tiny glimpse into the works of a person and ask us to write how they inspire us.  I generally have never heard of these people (face it, they aren’t goats), and I’m so worried I will write something that would offend them.  Today, we were given a glimpse into the work of Patti Smith, who seems to be an amazing gifted writer, photographer and singer.  I hope my meager offering is acceptable.

Taxed Enough Already

busy hanging on to

all we’ve got

can’t share with

my fellow man~

Sittin’ in my ivory

tower looking

to the streets below.

Taxed Enough Already

can’t help the

homeless, sick and broken;

Too busy on vacation-

a cruise to relax and unwind.

Taxed Enough Already

food drive and donations-

I couldn’t possibly

contribute; I have

a tea to attend

where we’re going to talk

about how we’ve been

Taxed Enough Already.


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