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A Real Challenge from Real Toads

I have to say, I think some of the most difficult challenges for writing are those that give a tiny glimpse into the works of a person and ask us to write how they inspire us.  I generally have never heard of these people (face it, they aren’t goats), and I’m so worried I will write something that would offend them.  Today, we were given a glimpse into the work of Patti Smith, who seems to be an amazing gifted writer, photographer and singer.  I hope my meager offering is acceptable.

Taxed Enough Already

busy hanging on to

all we’ve got

can’t share with

my fellow man~

Sittin’ in my ivory

tower looking

to the streets below.

Taxed Enough Already

can’t help the

homeless, sick and broken;

Too busy on vacation-

a cruise to relax and unwind.

Taxed Enough Already

food drive and donations-

I couldn’t possibly

contribute; I have

a tea to attend

where we’re going to talk

about how we’ve been

Taxed Enough Already.


Be sure to visit Real Toads for more poetry inspired by Patti Smith.

12 thoughts on “A Real Challenge from Real Toads

  1. We never know what may inspire our own writing, a musical note, a bird flying overhead, the words of a song… We must be open to all these influences, but follow our own threads, as you have done in this poem, which needs no apology.

  2. That is powerful stuff! Well written and really gets to the heart of things…I’ve heard so many people talk like this and I know what you mean. Great poem.

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