Crossing Over

Memory of a renewed attack

against her ancient beliefs,

against her gentle soul

the demeaning comments

 and false accusations~

incompetent and bumbling;

telling her she’s no good.

Tears she can cry no more;

the well of her soul has run empty.

Long blond hair flying wildly

charged with enraged energy,

precision quicksilver daggers,

 from her fiery blue eyes

shooting towards her enemy

with deadly aim for her target~

piercing the thick skin,



penetrating deep into his heart;

not a single drop of blood is shed

yet he feels the crippling pain,

reaches a hand to clutch his chest.

A quick glance reveals her icy stare

the source of the growing pain.

Dull-witted eyes register shock

disbelief; color draining from his face.

She reaches one hand towards his chest

from across the room~

no physical finger touches, yet

he feels the grasp tighten around

his pounding heart~squeezing

tighter and tighter and tighter.

With a quick twist of her wrist~




His body falls lifeless to the floor,

and the black cat purrs contentedly

while rubbing against

the softness of her leg.


This is my contribution to the open link at d’Verse Poets.

I’m also liking to Real Toads where they want to see what kind of poetry Valentine’s Day has inspired.  Hmmm…  not very loving, but it was inspired by today.