A Walk Through the Wild Wood

These week’s photo challenge at Real Toads features the wonderful photography of Mary Ann Potter.

A Walk Through the Wild Wood

Photo by Mary Ann Potter

walking through the wild wood

following a meandering trail,

more likely an old deer path,

weaving between trees and shrubs

alongside a jagged-edged stream;

obstacles and brambles tug at my clothes.

step into an unexpected clearing~

a break in the endless wild wood,

clean grass carpet dotted with violets

surrounding a pristine clear pool,

its smooth surface an enchanted mirror.

leaning over the pool the reflection

certainly it is me, yet unfamiliar;

I see my kindred spirit looking back at me:

the quick wit of a fox

the wise eyes of an owl

the timid heart of a deer

the wings of an eagle

all daring to take flight

rising above the wild wood to

explore a world beyond home.

within the tranquil clearing

nestled safely in the wildwood

I’ve discovered my kindred spirits,

connected with a bond that

feeds and nourishes the

mind and spirit and soul.

this tranquil clearing always I’ll

take with me no matter where that

path through the wild wood may lead.

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