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A Walk Through the Wild Wood

These week’s photo challenge at Real Toads features the wonderful photography of Mary Ann Potter.

A Walk Through the Wild Wood

Photo by Mary Ann Potter

walking through the wild wood

following a meandering trail,

more likely an old deer path,

weaving between trees and shrubs

alongside a jagged-edged stream;

obstacles and brambles tug at my clothes.

step into an unexpected clearing~

a break in the endless wild wood,

clean grass carpet dotted with violets

surrounding a pristine clear pool,

its smooth surface an enchanted mirror.

leaning over the pool the reflection

certainly it is me, yet unfamiliar;

I see my kindred spirit looking back at me:

the quick wit of a fox

the wise eyes of an owl

the timid heart of a deer

the wings of an eagle

all daring to take flight

rising above the wild wood to

explore a world beyond home.

within the tranquil clearing

nestled safely in the wildwood

I’ve discovered my kindred spirits,

connected with a bond that

feeds and nourishes the

mind and spirit and soul.

this tranquil clearing always I’ll

take with me no matter where that

path through the wild wood may lead.

Linking to Real Toads.

18 thoughts on “A Walk Through the Wild Wood

  1. this tranquil clearing always Iโ€™ll

    take with me no matter where that

    path through the wild wood may lead.

    This is beautiful and the last line rolls off the tongue wonderfully. I read it out loud three times. This was one of my favorite photos as well and your poem fits it to a “T”. We all need that walk! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I agree, the path is within us all, we just need to look deep enough to discover it. A very lovely weave of words. This picture of all of those presented ‘spoke’ to me too.

  3. That photo has so many cool qualities, it reminds me of western movies for some reason and the photos taken during these times. Great journey, fantastic words and an expression of connection to nature that many long for. Great work.

  4. I know that I took the photograph, but you provided the journey. So beautiful! It was indeed taken by the creek on our farm, and we have foxes and deer – and coyotes! I walk this lovely forest path every morning with our dog. Thank you so very much for your evocative, tender response to the photo; it’s a realy blessing.

  5. This is wonderful, Teresa. I particularly like your description of your kindred spirit:
    “the quick wit of a fox
    the wise eyes of an owl
    the timid heart of a deer
    the wings of an eagle”
    I’m sure you, at heart, have all of those attributes.

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