Mother to Son

The challenge at Real Toad’s today was to take the first line of a favorite poem and use it as a jumping off point for your own poetry.  There are so many wonderfule poems out there, but I finally decided to go with Mother to Son by Langston Hughes.

Well son, I’ll tell you:

I wasn’t expecting you

to enter my life,

wasn’t sure I was

ready to tackle

parenthood all alone.


I thought times had changed,

but I saw the looks and

heard the comments,

“I know what kind of girl she is.”

They didn’t mean I was being

responsible for my choices.


Waiting uncertain, scared and alone,

when you finally arrived~

perfect fingers and toes~

all the doubt disappeared,

and, though new and nervous,

I became a mother forever.

Here’s to my boy.  I love you, Caleb.

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15 thoughts on “Mother to Son

  1. I love the picture of your son with the dog, first of all. I am a dog lover. I just love all Langston Hughes poetry, but you chose the perfect one for your poem. I appreciated the honesty in your poem, the love. Your son is one lucky your man, and you are one lucky mom.

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