Oh E-Coli

Tiny evil microbial organism

not visible to the naked eye,

you stop me in my tracks

leaving me weak, weary, worn.

A cot next to the toilet;

My only food groups:

apples, bananas, cereal.

For an unbearable length

you play the tune that

has my guts salsa dancing.

I’m begging you to leave me alone.


My sick offering to Fireblossom Friday (Why oh why did she assign the topic of bodies for this week’s writing?) as well as G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.  I told you, G~it’s been a rough week. 🙂

Poem Sketching

The poetry challenge at real toads today is based on the work of Sanford Lyne.  We were to choose a word group and use it to write a poem.  The word group I chose was:  blackbirds (I changed to peacock), snow, tail feathers, and ink.

peafowl strutting stately and proud

bright blue beauty against white snow

tail feathers trail gracefully behind

with leering eyes like a pen and ink drawing


As a second one I chose the word group including: mother, folds, twilight and hands.

silently the

young mother

folds her

hands in

twilight prayer


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