undefined fraction

two plus two

the difference of

seven and one

solving an equation

distributive property

equal terms

variable expressions

linear equations

slope of a line

Our lives aren’t about

getting the right answer;

it’s all about how you

work the problem.


I have to apologize if you haven’t seen me as much.  It’s been crazy on the farm~I have three bottle kids in my kitchen.  I’lll try to get around the best I can.

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14 thoughts on “Math

  1. But…math is rather pointless unless you end up with the right answer, isn’t it? Or am I missing something? I agree with you whole heartedly on the last few lines though.

    • I enjoyed this more than any other mathematical thing I’ve ever read.
      And bottle-babies, how sweet, but such a lot of work, and bigger than puppies.
      When I was a child, our dog died, leaving eight pups less than a week old. My mother bottle-fed and raised all of them, with only minimal help from Dad and the three of us (all of us under 10).

  2. Awesome message served with a headache….damn, I thought I was finished with all that after graduation…lol. Perception is nine tenths of the law I think, turn it on its side and see if that fixes the problem. I liked this muchly.

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