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Poem Sketching

The poetry challenge at real toads today is based on the work of Sanford Lyne.  We were to choose a word group and use it to write a poem.  The word group I chose was:  blackbirds (I changed to peacock), snow, tail feathers, and ink.

peafowl strutting stately and proud

bright blue beauty against white snow

tail feathers trail gracefully behind

with leering eyes like a pen and ink drawing


As a second one I chose the word group including: mother, folds, twilight and hands.

silently the

young mother

folds her

hands in

twilight prayer


Be sure to visit Real Toads for more Poem Sketches.

15 thoughts on “Poem Sketching

  1. You know what’s awesome…if you hook those two poems together which I did when I first read it for some reason, it painted a picture for me of a mother praying for her son who has come of age and is strutting his stuff….lol. Both are wonderful…great job.

  2. I really enjoyed both pieces. The first word list you chose was also my favorite. These, in particular, are excellent lines:

    “bright blue beauty against white snow”
    “with leering eyes like a pen and ink drawing”

    • That was the image I got reading that second grouping, also, Teresa–you breathed it perfectly into life. The peacock was also well drawn–like the touch of those ‘leering eyes’ which describe the feathers to a T.

  3. Oh, I love the phrase ‘twilight prayer’, those few lines paint such a serene image in my mind.

    I also like the different colours you have used in the peacock poem – very vibrant writing.

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