To me, effervescence is~

Excited laughter of small children

Following an energetic puppy

Fishing for compliments in a new dress

Entering a happy party of friends

Rock ‘n Roll til the day I die

Visits from Grandpa and Grandma

Experiencing life to the fullest

Smiling and singing a happy song

Coloring my world with a rainbow paintbrush

Exocit foods from lands far away

Night time bonfires billowing smoke to the stars

Climbing to the top of a hill to smile at God

Energetic and enthusiastic excitement~effervescence

This is my contribution to the challenge at Real Toads where we are to write a (13 line) poem on effervescence.


Standing in the room

lost myself in

the doldrums of

a meaningless routine

surrounded by drones

that have forgotten what

it means to work.

I look around but

see no sign of myself.

It’s only when I

leave here and

walk with Nature

that I look within

and rediscover

the forgotten soul

that I am.


Here’s a Friday Flash 55 for G-Man!