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Mother Earth


our world; our responsibility; everyone impacts

Earth loves and nurtures

provides all we need.

we take and take

and never put back.

rip Her open and

tear out Her resources.

move mountains

fill in wetlands

cut down trees

make plastic to sit

forever in man-made landfills.

a disposable society

of luxury and convenience.

we’re throwing away

our Mother Earth.


This is for the open link for Real Toads and d’Verse Poets.

13 thoughts on “Mother Earth

  1. Anyone who doesn’t look at the events of the past couple of years and recognize just how ticked off Mother Nature is about all this must be blind. Nice wake-up call, Teresa.

  2. Powerfully written.

    The wetland part is the saddest. Well, it’s all sad.

    have you seen the movie “Thrive?” You stream it on your computer. We CAN thrive and that film points out how to do it.

  3. sadly an all too true tale…we dont take care of her..and pretend like her resources are endless…i think we will die off before we can do irrepairable harm…and she may have a hand in it…

    • So hard to live outside the cultural model set for us. Many try, but in today’s world alternate ways of eating, traveling, power usage may be as harmful or even more harmful than conventional usages. I was thinking lately how quickly could a society change from long distance jobs, no public transit, too many cars/trucks. But then I remembered, the transition to this lifestyle was made in around twenty to thirty years. We can change again but it will take an attractive alternative with safety concerns, jobs, and community needs being fulfilled for societies to be willing to change.

  4. Sad, but true. On the other hand for those who care, every little bit of caring for the earth that we do matters.

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