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Fireblossom Friday!  Our task is to write a poem inspired by the work of Alphonse Mucha (1860 – 1939).  From his wonderful work, I’ve chosen:

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Winds whirl and spiral

a wicked tornado of the soul

wreaking devastation upon

the kind hearts she meets


unbridled fury unleashed

upon innocent knaves

her words singe hearts

and set the strong to weeping


wave upon salty wave tears crash

sadness envelops pulling

all those who dared to love

into the dark depths of despair

Visit Real Toads for more poetry inspired by Mucha.  By the way, I couldn’t help but make this a poem of 55 words to keep G-Man in my thoughts and hope for his speedy recovery.

13 thoughts on “Mucha

    • I have to say, your artwork reminds me very much of Mucha’s. Well, it was really the other way around. I thought of you when I started browsing through his works.

      • I can honestly admit his work is a huge influence on me. When ever I get stuck on a piece, I always go flipping through my books of his works. His was an amazing talent. 🙂

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