All Bottled Up

Reading is constantly  learning

experiencing endless worlds

through the words of others~

learning about history and

fantastic sci-fi futures

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and keeping up with the present;

science and world discoveries

are available at my fingertips.

How to do so many things~

gardening, cooking, home repair;

a whole section of  my brain

reserved for helping myself~

better sex.

better health.

better wealth.

Finding God and gods and goddesses;

reading and learning the meaning of life~

I keep it to myself all bottled up.

What good is that?


This is my contribution to this week’s Magpie Tales #115 and the open link for d’Verse poets.


Babies Everywhere

Population explosion

Babies everywhere

Millions of people

making billions more

“as many as God

wants us to have”

to justify selfish desire.

“It’s my reproductive

right to have welfare babies!”

Fertility drugs~





It’s Octomom!

End the madness

before all giving

Mother Nature takes action;

there’s nothing left

for her to share.


Don’t get me wrong, I love babies and kids, but I do think we need to procreate responsibly.

It’s my contribution to the open link for Real Toads.