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Babies Everywhere

Population explosion

Babies everywhere

Millions of people

making billions more

“as many as God

wants us to have”

to justify selfish desire.

“It’s my reproductive

right to have welfare babies!”

Fertility drugs~





It’s Octomom!

End the madness

before all giving

Mother Nature takes action;

there’s nothing left

for her to share.


Don’t get me wrong, I love babies and kids, but I do think we need to procreate responsibly.

It’s my contribution to the open link for Real Toads.

3 thoughts on “Babies Everywhere

  1. BIG can of worms here… I’ll just say I feel the majority of our problem is in food distribution and that it is all about PROFIT! Many countries have a diminishing birthrate and replenishing their population has become a crisis problem! I say just the opposite – people need to have more children and buy LESS stuff.

  2. Sometimes I think very similarly. But right now were enjoying taking care of my niece everyday while my sister is at work and she’s due another one in a few weeks, so it’s just too much fun, so as long as the meaning for the children is pure, I totally get why parents keep wanting more. They’re so great this young. But, unfortunately, kind of like what you said, the motives aren’t always pure. Good read. Thanks

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