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Getting Up Again

beat someone down

and they get back up

stand up and defend themselves

each time a little slower

eventually it’s easier

and less painful

to stay in a crumpled heap

to give in and accept fate

rather than fighting back

I ask myself if I have

enough fight left to

get up and stand tall

one more time

~always one more time.


This is for the open link at Real Toads and d’Verse Poets.

19 thoughts on “Getting Up Again

  1. I actually feel the struggle of getting up in these words. I like to think that somehow the strength can be found each and ever time.

  2. Of course you do. One more time, and one more time after that, and as many times as you have to. Because you can. Because you must.

  3. yes, always one more time…
    when i run, when i am exhausted and feel like quitting, it is always just one more step… i have run miles this way.
    get up and stand tall, spit in their eye, one more time.

  4. The capacity or some people to fight on is inspiring at times and tiring at other times. I love it when the fights have been long a especially bloody, yet the right one wins….so refreshing in a time where it seems that the fight is one sided =and the opponent doesn’t even know you exist (banks, IRS). Great thought process….lovely writing as always.

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