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Talking to Karma

Walking in my flower garden

I saw a tall imposing figure

and asked who he might be

and was surprised to hear Karma.


I asked Karma my question

why oh why does my life

seem filled to overflowing with

such trouble and trials and injustice?


Silly foolish girl, of course

you know in this universe

there is the rule of threefold

that guides your life experiences.


But nobody had ever

mentioned a rule of threefold

and I begged of him please

to explain this principle.


Very simply he stated

that whatever you send

out shall return to

you three times as much.


The good and sweet shall

be rewarded with so much

more goodness entering

their lives as is deserving.


The one who is mean in

spirit, petty and wicked

will be punished with

more of their own flaws.


I don’t understand, I proclaimed! 

There must be a mistake!  I try to

be kind to others and work hard

and be good to people and animals.


What have I done to deserve

such demeaning treatment

by those around me at work?

Surely, I’m deserving of good.


Think back, he replied with a grin,

beyond what typically your human

brain could possibly remember~

think through time and space.


Back to another lifetime I thought,

and it became crystal clear~

I had been myself a mysigonistic

tryant treating all unfairly.


At least that must have been the case.

No hope in the here and now. 

 I can only look forward to next time around.

But surely my lesson has already been learned.


Threefold, my child, threefold

is the rule and to it the Universe

must adhere.  Continue your path

and reap the rewards next time around.


While this might not be good poetry, it is possibly cathartic on this Friday afternoon.  Really, when the challenge is thrown out to show two different perspectives, what else could I do?  Be sure to visit Real Toads for better examples of poems with opposing viewpoints.

12 thoughts on “Talking to Karma

  1. Hmm. SO THAT’S why!
    I kept wondering when my Three Fold Good was coming back!

    Nicely done…..and a good reminder that we don’t always *see* it coming……..

  2. I loved your poem! Karma has kicked my ass, in this life time.
    I thought I was good, must of stole a lot of candy and men in my past life.
    I’m enduring a lot of bittersweet in this one~
    Fun to read and ponder 😀

  3. I enjoyed this tale. Your poem has made some good points.

    (You may wish to put a correct link into Real Toads. You linked to a poem you wrote in February. If I see you have put in a corrected link, I will get rid of your incorrect one on Mr. Linky.)

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