The Voice of Wisdom

Her little voice reached my ears,

“I wish we never had bad things happen;

I’d be happy all the time.”

“But little one,” I replied,

“How would you know you were happy?

If you knew no discontent, what

would make you learn new things

and try to improve yourself?

Pain and adversity help us grow.”


This is my contribution to G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.  I’m also linking this to d’Verse Poets challenge to write a poem addressing balance.

Brevity in Poetry

I love the challenge Mama Zen has given us a Read Toads today.  It’s quite simply to cut through all the excessive wordy crap and describe our lives poetically in thirty-five words or less.  Luckily my prose is where I generally ramble, rather than my poetry, so this was a fun quick write.


down on the farm

working away

tired and beat

from eight hours away

never far from my hand

does the trusty Nikon stray

documenting life with the animals

laughing, loving, cussing

and crying every day.


Be sure to visit Real Toads for brief poems on other people’s lives.

Shoveling Shit

It’s my favorite poetic night of the week.  Write a story in exactly 55 words and let G-Man know about it.  He truly is the most gracious host from coast to coast!  It’s Friday Flash 55!

I find that I would rather shovel shit than go to my day job.

That might seem strange, but here’s why.

You know what you’re getting into right from the start.

It’s equal~everybody shits and nobody smells good.

You can see you are making progress

and feel good about a job well done.

It’s honest.