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Beaverfest 2012

I am so happy to have our wonderful host of Friday Flash 55 back in the blogosphere and healthy!  Be sure to write a story in exactly 55 words and then tell G-man about it!  Here’s my humble non-fiction flash 55.

The universe approves;

the stars align;

the miles fly by and

Goat Sisters meet~

three crones bonded

by goats and faith.

The Fates bless the event

known only as Beaverfest

(figure it out).

The trio meandered

to a quiet rock garden.

Who should be waiting

but the great goat god Pan~

a silent stone statue.

Beavie and Pan

Truly I just returned from a road trip to New York to meet blogging friends and Goat Sisters.  It was a wonderful time.  Really how often can you drive a thousand miles to stay with someone you’ve never met and spend time with another stranger and not be killed by an axe murderer and really enjoy each other’s company?  If only we’d also found a pirate, I think it would have been a perfect weekend!

21 thoughts on “Beaverfest 2012

  1. I love your little note at the end here–being killed by an axe-murderer is what I always worry about on road trips! Glad you escaped that fate and you Sisters of the Goat got to play with Pan.

  2. I absolutely cried when I read this!
    Sooooo beautiful! And captures each moment of the trip! 🙂

    Well, the Blue Gryphon was missed…….but we three Crones have forged an amazing bond!

    Again, I say! Again! Again!

    Bless the Sisterhood…..and Blessed Be Pan!

    Come back, Sister……………….


  3. Neat!
    I have to admit, the first thing I thought when I saw the statue was “Yikes, I bet most guys wouldn’t be all that crazy about having a hatchet that close to their….”


    Anyway, thanks for doing Friday 55!
    Mine’s here. 🙂

  4. Teresa…Beaverfest?
    I sure have missed you Girl….
    Loved your 55, loved your pic.
    Thanks for playing, and thanks for your kind words during my ordeal.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Love the idea of your adventure with fellow bloggers. I’ve only met two of my blogging buddies, but one of them (and his wife) spent several days with us. My daughter (who is no longer at home) said, “You invited a total stranger to stay with you??? You are so going to end up dead in your bed.” I assured her that I KNEW him, even sight unseen, and you know what? I did know him, and we had a great time. I’m so glad you did too.

  6. nice…it is so fun to meet other bloggers…have had the chance now to meet about 2 handfuls of them…and its always been a blast…NYC must be the place to do it too…both groups i met were there…Pan, nice…

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