Lay Me Down

The challenge at Real Toads today is an homage to Friday the 13th!  Luckily, I’ve no fear of the day, and I enjoyed the challenge of writing a rondeau (a thirteen line poem).  The form is aabba aabc aabbac.  The first half of the first line forms a refrain that is repeated as the 9th and 13th lines.

Lay me down and watch me die.

Beneath the old oak I will lie.

Dense leaves allow not a single ray

of sunshine through the whole day

no matter how brightly they might try.


My life has been harvested like rye.

Though my journey is done, do not cry.

Fall to your knees and for me do pray.

Lay me down.


I’ll join the angels on high

residing with my gods in the sky.

Forever with them I will stay,

but into your dreams I will foray.

Lay me down.

11 thoughts on “Lay Me Down

  1. I enjoyed there was no fear, but finding a place to begin again…Great photos and it did read like an older, wise type poem! Well Done 😀

  2. This poem has the ‘ring’ of a classic poem to me. The narrator is at peace with dying and with death and wishes to be buried in nature. However the narrator will return in dreams. I like that ending, as it so often is hoped for by those who have lost someone. A well accomplished rondeau indeed.

  3. “Lay Me down” asks family (I think) to let go and to bury the dead. Not so easy is it? Even the sunbeams try to get in but cannot. That is a sad note, but comforting in a way to those who think they let go too soon. Somber, but a good message about the only intervention that works.

  4. I like that you don’t fear death because (I think) death is simply moving on to something else in the spiritual realm. I really enjoyed the earthy connection. The willingness to be buried beneath the oak tree. The thoughts of being with the Gods and Angels but, invading your loved ones dreams too now and then.
    An altogether lovely rondeau.

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